About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

My name is Ashley. I created Joyful Redemption with the idea to bridge truth and love together. I have always had strong biblical beliefs, but sometimes those beliefs become to much for people who either are new to Christianity or don't know anything about God at all. Sometimes we are all about truth or all about love and that isn't how Jesus calls us to act. They have to be one in the same. So I created this to have a safe haven for people who struggle with all kinds of issues. This is why I end every blog with Welcome Home. 

My goal is to have an open line for people who have struggled with similar issues that I have. It is to be there to share truth in love, listen and learn, and help get them back on track.

Along side of all of that, I do photography on the side. It is a growing passion that I have loved learning. Taking pictures of landscapes is my favorite, but I have also really enjoyed doing senior pictures, couple shoots, and low key weddings.

If you have any questions or concerns shoot over to contact us, and let's chat!


If you have a couple minutes. This is what Joyful Redemption is all about!